Guide of Memory and Human Rights Archives


This guide analyzes the ways in which human rights organizations, and current initiatives in Chilean documentary archives and testimonies, have recorded the stories of people who were victims of human rights violations. To this, access to the archives and documentation centers that constituted organizations that during the dictatorship provided assistance to the victims, memory sites developed after the end of the dictatorship and which have shaped files, digital repositories, and funds and collections of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

This initiative provides basic and general information on each archive, documentation center or virtual collection, offering a synthetic vision of the diversity and magnitude of the archives and records currently available for the knowledge and study of violations of human rights by the dictatorship. The information presented stems both from direct knowledge and from the consultation of institutional web pages and previously published documents that included descriptions of funds and collections.

This work can be considered as an introductory guide to the archives, directed to researchers and students national and foreign, interested in consulting the documentation guarded by the archives.