Linetime “Milestones of Human Rights in Chile, 1973-2013”

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The reconstruction of the itinerary of human rights organizations in Chile during the period 1973-2013, is a necessity that forces us to a historization of events and processes. For this we have thought of a tool that goes beyond the static chronology, and that allows us to appreciate the ruptures and continuities in the evolution of a culture of human rights in Chile.

We have developed an evolutionary time line that allows us to apreciatte, in a comparative way, the main events related to human rights in Chile according to 6 different categories (Judicial milestones, repressive organisms, international organizations, human rights organizations, general milestones, emblematic cases). Taking into account the national and international context in which they were developed. Some milestones have been shaped not only from text, but also from images or links that allow to deepen in the historical event. For reasons of structure of the website, the timeline has been divided into two periods: 1973-1995 and 1996-2013.

The timeline does not intend to create a canon, nor does it pretend to close certain historical processes. On the contrary, we have conceived it as an online consultation tool for all those who are interested in these issues; subject to ongoing discussion, and regular updates.

Some of the sources used to make the timeline were the following: Memorias para Construir la Paz (Arzobispado de Santiago. Fundación Documentación y Archivo de la Vicaría de la Solidaridad); Cronología en “Políticas de reparación: Chile 1990-2004” (Elizabeth Lira; Brian Loveman. 1a edición, Stgo. LOM Ediciones, 2005); El espejismo de la reconciliación política: Chile 1990-2002 (Elizabeth Lira; Brian Loveman. 1a edición, Stgo. LOM Ediciones 2002); Memoria viva (, Casos Vicaría (; Donde están (; Memoria y justicia (; Archivo Museo de la Memoria  y los Derechos Humanos (; Memoria chilena (; Ley Chile (; Archivo Chile (; Instituto nacional de los derechos humanos (; entre otros. También se han utilizado diversos medios de prensa online como: La Tercera, El Desconcierto, El Mercurio on-line, Radio cooperativa, Mercurio Valparaíso,  El mostrador.

Linetime “Milestones of Human Rights in Chile: 1973-1995” 

Linetime “Milestones of Human Rights in Chile: 1996-2013”