Visual Art Work “The Sheet”

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After an excellent call and a process of interviews and exchange with a group of Chilean artists held in May 2016, a commission composed of two project researchers and two academics from the UAH Art Department, chose the artist Nicolás Franco ( to carry out a work of art that dialogue, from its medial specificity, with the results of the interdisciplinary and international research project “Political Technologies of Memory”.



The Sheet,

“It takes as a reference a synoptic document that gathers and crosses great amounts of data provided by relatives and witnesses, about detainees disappeared by 1976 (document currently in the archives of the Vicariate), the work mounts and disassembles layers of visuality that open possibilities of experimenting, in the temporal distance and through the critical folds granted by time, the variables of that first work of documentation, done a little blindly, on the history of the victims.” (Ana María Risco, Academic, Art Department, UAH)

In “The Sheet”,

“We find ourselves with a large scale reprint of that rustic handwritten spreadsheet that served to observe, as they were developed and in a kind of aerial plane, the actions that conformed the politics of the repressive apparatuses.” (Ana María Risco, Academic, Art Department, UAH)



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The exhibition is available to the public at the Museum of Contemporary Art at Quinta Normal, Santiago, until August 20, 2017. It will subsequently be exhibited in Valparaíso (Date to be confirmed) and Chiloé from January 13 at the Museum of Art Modern, then moved to England and other countries.

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